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My Written Testimony for North Carolina Department of Transportation

Since the North Carolina Department of Transportation did not take public comments at Tesla's sales license hearing in Charlotte today, I submitted written testimony. I would like to thank you, Mr. Greene, for agreeing to take my public testimony in written form since you were not able to take public comments today. I attended the hearing today because I felt it was important for someone from the public to speak; after all, it is the residents and consumers of Charlotte, North Carolina, who will be directly affected by this ruling. I came to this hearing today to stand up for what I believe to be true and right. I will start by saying I am both a resident of Charlotte, North Carolina, and a Tesla Model S owner. Read Leilani's testimony on Medium


North Carolina: Legalize Tesla

Three years ago, the North Carolina Senate unanimously passed a bill to ban American electric car manufacturer Tesla Motors from selling cars in our state. I was not a Tesla owner at the time (I am now), but I knew this was bill was wrong so I wrote the article Why We Need to Fight for Tesla and I drove to our state capitol to lobby the state legislature to not block the most successful electric car manufacturer in the world from selling cars in our state. We ended up winning that battle when the NC House killed the bill, but the war against electric cars in North Carolina continues. Read Leilani's post on Medium


What Do We Mean When We Say "Clean Energy?"

We now know how extensively and dangerously oil industry giants, such as ExxonMobil, sowed doubt in the American mind regarding the existence of global warming, it’s human-caused connection, and the negative environmental impacts resulting from extracting and burning dirty fossil fuels. Doubt, it turns out, is a powerful weapon, which is why other big energy industries and interests are now getting on board the disbelieving bandwagon. There’s new doubt-sowing being done and it’s equally dangerous. It has to do with what constitutes "clean energy." Read the post Leilani co-authored with Michael Shank on Fast Company


GM vs Tesla and an Email Worth 1000 Words

In an incredibly public display of insecurity in their abilities as an auto manufacturer, General Motors recently backed a bill that would block American electric car manufacturer Tesla Motors from selling cars in Indiana. One American car company tries to block innovation while the other disrupts the status quo in the very best way, a perfect example of the free market at work. I do believe that the fact that GM is trying to block their competition from selling cars while Tesla shares their patents with the world speaks volumes about who they are morally and ethically as companies. Read Leilani's post on Medium


Solar Cars Might Be Impressive. But Vegan Diets Are Better for the Planet

As a professional race car driver, I’m all too aware of the impact driving has on the planet. That’s why I don’t work with any fossil fuel companies and, since 2007, I have adopted an acre of rainforest for every race I run in order to offset the unavoidable emissions of my race car. But as much as that is making a difference, I know my vegan diet has an even greater impact on the planet. Read why it is important to think about how meat consumption harms the environment on The Guardian


VW: Das Auto. Die Lüge -- The Car. The Lie.

October 5, 2015  Time discovers truth, though sometimes it can take years to be discovered. In the case of Volkswagen, who started selling their first emission-test-cheating diesels in 2009, it took six years for the truth to be revealed, and now we all watch in disbelief as a giant in the auto industry comes tumbling down. Read why Leilani thinks the electric, sunlight revolution is here on Huffington Post


The Loneliest Frog in the World

October 7, 2014 The small, brown gliding frog will have peace and quiet for the remainder of his days in this shipping container. Mark will care for him until the last day when quietly, without any media hype, another species will silently disappear from our planet. Read about Leilani's visit with the very last Rabbs Fringe-limbed tree frog on Huffington Post


It's On: Oil Versus Electric

December 13, 2013 Grab the popcorn because this will be an epic battle - this is good vs. evil: new, clean renewable energy vs. old, dirty fossil fuels. This fight will be played out in the public for years to come. Read why Leilani is placing her bet on Tesla as they disrupt the old guard on Huffington Post


Why We Need to Fight For Tesla

May 23, 2013 Tesla must succeed because it is fighting the establishment. Free market economics is touted by conservatives, and yet almost routinely now we are seeing legislation being introduced designed solely to block the competition that Tesla is bringing to the old guard. Read why Leilani fights for Tesla on Huffington Post


The Racing Misfit: Why This Eco Activist Races

May 1, 2012 I know what you're thinking: How can a race car driver be an environmental activist? Before I was a driver, I was a biology graduate from the University of California in San Diego, and I am really just your typical composting, rainwater collecting, vegan hippie chick. I just happen to race cars. Read Leilani's guest blog in Origin Magazine


Why A Plant Based Diet Will Save The World

April 23, 2012 Meat eaters, please pay attention. There are now over 7 billion people on the planet and we desperately need you to understand the following information. I’m just going to lay out the facts for you, and then you can make your own decision. Read Leilani's guest blog on Disruptive Women


Like Taiji's Cove, Daytona Breaks My Heart Again

March 14, 2012 At the same exact moment that my racing dream was being smashed to pieces inside my race car, my activist dream of being a voice for the dolphins was echoing onto millions of television sets. One dream died as the other was realized. Read how Leilani used her voice for dolphins at Daytona on Treehugger


Why We Race: Reflections From a Driver After Dan Wheldon's Death

October 19, 2011 After Dan Wheldon's death, many of his fellow drivers were openly sobbing at the track. The danger we all face every day had become real and had stolen someone we all loved. So why do we do it?  Read Leilani's take on why racers still race on Huffington Post


The Cove Continues: Diary From Taiji

September 14, 2011 I have settled into a routine here. Every morning my alarm goes off at 430am, I brush my teeth, grab a coffee, put my hair in a ponytail and I'm out the door by 445am. I meet the dolphin hunters at the Taiji Harbor at 5am. The police meet me there every day as well. They know me quite well by now, as I do them. Read Leilani's diary from The Cove in Taiji on Huffington Post


Activist Ric O'Barry Creates Dolphin Project Team for Cove Dolphins

August 30, 2011 In 2009, I watched the Academy Award winning documentary The Cove. I didn't have a clue when I hit "play" what an impact this movie was going to have on me. It's changed my life forever and I am very happy about that. Read how you can help the Cove dolphins on Treehugger


Leilani's Life By Me Entry: Think. 

March 18, 2011 Before I do anything, I think. Before I eat something, I think. That’s why I’m a vegetarian, because I think of all the suffering animals around the world and all the rain forest that’s been cut down to graze cattle for hamburgers. Before I swat at a scary bug in my house, I think. Read Think, Leilani's entry for Life By Me


Leilani Münter's Shocking Footage From the Taiji Dolphin Slaughter  

October 15, 2010 They left a door slightly open, and I stuck my camera under it. One of the fishermen eventually spotted me from the grocery store across the street and shut me down. It was one of the hardest things I have ever seen and I will never be the same. View the shocking footage Leilani collected in Taiji on Treehugger


Blood Still Flows At The Cove

August 25, 2010 The Cove's director Louie Psihoyos says in the film, "You are either an activist or an inactivist." So do something important this week, watch this movie and then look in the mirror and ask yourself "Which one am I?" And if you are so inclined, flights leave for Japan every day. Read why Leilani flew to Japan after seeing The Cove on Treehugger


Pro Athletes Visit Gulf Oil Spill, Say No More "Drill Baby, Drill" 

July 23, 2010 When you look at the television and see dolphins, turtles and birds suffocating, boats tied up at the dock, fishermen out of work, empty seafood restaurants, and lonely beaches whose only visitors are BP workers gathering the mess -- remember: this is drill baby, drill. This is what it gets us. Read about Leilani's second Gulf oil disaster trip on Huffington Post


This Is Our Clean Energy Wake Up Call, Will We Listen? 

May 24, 2010 The only positive thing that can possibly come from this -- the largest environmental disaster in American history -- is if it causes us to change the way we are living on this Earth. My greatest hope in the wake of this ongoing tragedy is that this is our clean energy wake up call. My biggest fear? That we won't answer. Read about Leilani's first trip to the Gulf oil disaster on Huffington Post


My Race to Save the Planet

August 11, 2008 My career as a driver has allowed me to sit with Senators on Capitol Hill to discuss alternative fuels and clean energy. If I wasn't a race car driver, you wouldn't be reading this article because it is the irony of being a eco-friendly race car driver which gave me the opportunity to write for Huffington Post. Read how Leilani's two seemingly contradictory worlds are endlessly intertwined on Huffington Post


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