Leilani Münter is a biology graduate turned race car driver and environmental activist. She believes it is essential for humans to adapt and evolve the way we are living to a sustainable way that does not destroy the world around us. Leilani is an advocate for renewable energy, solar power, electric cars, plant-based diet and animals. Leilani wants our future to be a cleaner and kinder world. Read more


StarTalk Radio with Neil deGrasse Tyson

On Earth Day (Friday, April 22) at 7pm EDT tune into StarTalk Radio when Leilani is a guest of astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson to talk about the anthropocene era, Racing Extinction, solar power, electric cars, and bringing activism to the masses through her race car. Listen to Leilani's guest appearance on StarTalk

Latest Press

Leilani has been focusing on her activism while she searches for partners to make her return to the race track (she's working on a vegan themed race car). Leilani has been busy working with the Oceanic Preservation Society, the Academy Award winning team from The Cove. Leilani is featured in their 2015 documentary Racing Extinction - a film that reached 36 million people globally during its  television premiere weekend the Discovery Channel. For the latest media coverage on Leilani and her work, please visit the press page.

Articles by Leilani

Leilani is has written articles for a variety of publications including The Guardian, Fast Company, The Huffington Post, Treehugger, and others. Leilani's most recent article is a piece she co-authored on clean energy for Fast Company. She also recently published an article on the environmental impact of the meat and dairy industry on The Guardian.  A full list of links to articles written by Leilani can be found here.  


Leilani is seeking partners to continue racing in the 2016 racing season in the ARCA Racing Series. Leilani is also approved by NASCAR to run in the NASCAR Xfinity Series on tracks up to 1.0 mile. Leilani does not work with companies that produce fossil fuels, meat or dairy products,  fur or leather, or any companies that test on animals. If your company meets these ethical standards and is interested in sponsorship, please download our PDF for more information.

New York Times: A Tesla for Vegans

Jan 14, 2016  For the eco-conscious car buyer, Tesla’s luxury electric vehicles, with their neck-snapping acceleration, are proof that performance doesn’t have to be sacrificed at the altar of saving the environment. Read the article and see Leilani's vegan Tesla Model S in the New York Times

Racing Extinction - A Global Television Event

Dec 2, 2015  Leilani has teamed up with the Academy Award winning team who brought you The Cove on their next documentary Racing Extinction which premiered globally on Discovery Channel in December 2015. Watch the trailer or you can rent or buy the film here

Leilani & SolarCity vs. Utilities

Oct 16, 2015  Re/code: It’s nearly 1:00 am in San Francisco, outside the California Public Utilities Commission building downtown, and Leilani Münter, a woman who drives a race car for a living, steers her Tesla as slowly and quietly as she can. Read article and watch the video on Re/code

An Insane Tesla Ride Surprise

Aug 24, 2015  Leilani teamed up with The Solutions Project to surprise a 16-year-old electric car advocate in New Jersey with a ride in her favorite electric car. Watch the video and view more about the 100% campaign at 100.org

2015 Magazine Covers 

Leilani is on the cover of San Francisco's Common Ground's Green Issue. She is also on the cover of the May-June 2015 issue of Vegan Health and Fitness and the spring 2015 issue of EcoZine Magazine.

Top 10 Qualifying Run at Daytona

Feb 13, 2015  Leilani qualified 10th of 49 race cars at Daytona International Speedway today with a speed of 186.357 mph.  Watch live on Fox Sports 1 as Leilani takes to the high banks of Daytona in the #66 Energy Freedom, 100.org race car.

Fastest Lady at Daytona Testing

Dec 20, 2014  Leilani went to the top of the leader board during all three test sessions she participated in at Daytona International Speedway, posting . During the two day ARCA series test, she was 7th quick overall in a field of 52 cars with a speed of 187.188 mph. 

A Solar Milestone

July 19, 2014  At Chicagoland Speedway today, Leilani's race team became the first in the world to power their pit box using 100% solar power, using a system from ZeroBase Energy.

Strong Run at Chicagoland

July 19, 2014  In her first race on a 1.5 mile track in over four years, Leilani finished 12th of 26 race cars on the lead lap at Chicagoland Speedway today in the #66 PrairieGold Solar race car.

Electric Route to the Racetrack

July 18, 2014  Leilani becomes the first race car driver to get to a race oil free by driving her Tesla Model S and meeting with race fans along the way to show them the benefits of going electric.

Impressive Debut at Talladega

May 3, 2014  Leilani ran as high as 4th and was in the top 8 in her first race at Talladega Superspeedway today, getting significant television coverage for her #55 Blackfish race car. On the final restart Leilani was bumped from behind and was shuffled back to finish 14th of 36 race cars. Sam Simon, co-creator of The Simpsons and sponsor of the Blackfish car, was on hand at the race to cheer Leilani on.

She's Quick: Starting 8th at Talladega

May 3, 2014  For her first race at Talladega Superspeedway Leilani qualified  8th of 37 race cars  in her Blackfish race car with a speed of 180.976 mph. Leilani will be giving away DVDs of Blackfish at the driver autograph session in the infield. 

Strong Run at Daytona Cut Short

Feb 15, 2014  Although Leilani qualified her #55 Go 100% Renewable entry to a 7th place start at Daytona yesterday, ARCA's post-qualifying tech inspection claimed one of her springs was not sitting properly (same spring that was approved by ARCA tech an hour earlier). As a result Leilani's 7th place qualifying time was thrown out and she was forced to start 33rd in the race today. Leilani was fast, racing her way all the way from 33rd to 9th place only to get taken out by a spinning car later in the race. 

Leilani Electrified and Solarized

Feb 6, 2014  Leilani's dream of owning an electric car powered by solar has been realized. Her Tesla Model S was delivered in September 2013 and now with the solar panels  installed on her home, her home and car are now powered by sunshine!