"Leilani did a great job. She got up to speed quick and was very smooth, ran a very good pattern, a good line. In the race, she did what she needed to do. At the start, she took her time, was patient, and got up to speed. She lost a couple of positions, but once she got acclimated and comfortable running in traffic, she started moving back up. Leilani’s wanting to learn and do so as quickly as she can. She asks a lot of questions and gives a lot of good feedback. I’m looking forward to seeing her race some more."  

Four time Indy 500 Champion Rick Mears (commenting on Leilani's Indy Pro debut)


 "There's Leilani Münter, she has a solid run going right now, up in the top ten running ninth. She's doing an awesome job. I mentioned earlier, four starts last year, three top 15 finishes for Leilani." 

Phil Parsons, Fox Sports 1 (commenting live during Leilani's 2015 Daytona run)


 "There were sections in there where people were shrugging their shoulders and wondering, ‘How does she know she could go three-wide right there?’ I said, ‘Hey, she’s a racer!’ I think she’s run a phenomenal race, I had all the spotters up there in the spotters’ stand that were bummed afterwards but knew there was nothing she could do, but man, she was running a heck of a race. To be honest with you, I didn’t have a huge amount of expectations. She was a rookie. Obviously, she was going with one of the best teams out there – I knew that she was going to be pretty good, but I had no idea that she was going to have the race that she did. I think she impressed not only me, but I think she impressed everybody at Sam Schmidt Motorsports. She also impressed a lot of people at the IRL. She had a phenomenal race going. I think she was a victim of circumstances." 

IndyCar driver Jaques Lazier (commenting on Leilani's Indy Pro debut)


 "Leilani Münter impressed a lot of people here."

Kevin Lee, Indianapolis Motor Speedway Radio Network


 "Leilani Münter is flat hooked up. She just passed five cars in the last lap and a half. Make no mistake about it – she’s a pretty good racer." 

Mark Jaynes, Indianapolis Motor Speedway Radio Network


"She was fast and consistent." 

AutoWeek, on Leilani's Daytona test


"She has talent in driving a race car - she has raw speed." 

Billy Venturini, ARCA and NASCAR team owner


"Attacking the new opportunity with characteristic enthusiasm and intelligence, Münter has proven herself a quick study with great racing instincts."

Frontstretch, on Leilani's move to open wheel racing


 "I did have a lot of fun working with her. She’s a quick study for sure. She was open and willing to listen to anything I had to say. I think it’s that kind of attitude that is going to continue to make her as successful as she wants to be. She’s willing to learn and willing to adapt. The weekend was definitely going exceptionally well. It’s easy for a driver to get to a certain point where they’re getting success, and they shut down the listening process. Leilani never did that. I really wasn’t expecting much, and she absolutely floored me with her overall professionalism." 

IndyCar driver Jaques Lazier (commenting on working with Leilani in the Indy Pro Series)


"She did very well to qualify fifth quick with the competition level that we have in this series. That shows how much talent she does have." 

Indy Pro Series Tech and Race Director Butch Meyer (commenting on Leilani's 5th place qualifying effort in her Indy Pro debut)


"Leilani did a great job testing the Indy Pro Series car. I was very impressed with how quickly she got up to speed and with the feedback she gave the team. She had a real good feel for the car. She will be a very tough competitor in the Indy Pro Series." 

Indy Pro Series Tech and Race Director Butch Meyer


"Leilani has the desire and potential to become one of the top drivers in the next generation of racing stars. Leilani has an understanding of what to do in a race car. She's not intimidated. She's not a good 'woman' driver. She's just a good driver." 

NASCAR Cup driver and ARCA Champion Andy Hillenburg


"Leilani was very impressive today, particularly as this was her first time in an open wheel car. She adapted to the track quickly and once she found her line, was very consistent throughout the entire test. We put a lot of downforce on the car, but she intuitively knew how to find all the speed possible in that setup. She did an excellent job." 

Peter Parrott, Two-time Indianapolis 500 championship crew chief and Indianapolis 500 Hall of Famer


"If anyone ever doubts your ability to drive a race car, you have them call my cell phone." 

Terry Barden, director of competition ROMCO Super Late Model Series


"Leilani impressed veterans and newcomers alike in her first super late model race." 

Late Model Digest Magazine


"The sport is waiting for the first young lady to make it. Leilani has the true passion, desire, and patience to make it in the sport. She's got the heart of a lion. I think she's gonna be one heck of a race car driver." 

Rick Goodwin, NASCAR Busch Series car owner


"Some people can't accept that she's a good looking woman with the talent to drive race cars, a lot of people think you can't do both. She can." 

Cliff Lakey, late model race team owner


"We've had the Finishline Racing School for 12 years and have seen a lot of talent pass through our curriculum. Leilani has the proven ability to pursue any racing avenue that may present itself. She has a wonderful personality and would be an excellent sponsor spokesperson. She was a pleasure to work with and would be a welcome addition to any team she drives for." 

Mike Loescher, Chief instructor for Finishline Racing School


"Leilani has the ability to drive a stock car. It's encouraging to me to see a female do that 'cause a lot of them can't. There are a lot of peddle pushers, very few of them are race car drivers." 

NASCAR Legend Donnie Allison


 "All drivers have some kind of personal brand, although some brands are far stronger and more defined than others. Leilani Münter has one of the most defined and unique brands in racing. As green awareness has risen in the US, more companies are interested in using racing to reach a wider audience. And Münter's "carbon free girl" image has her in pole position to represent those companies." 

Bill Zahren, pressdog - open wheel racing journalist


"Leilani Münter is a multi-talented rising star." 

Tim Tuttle, 2008 Indianapolis 500 Historical Program


 "Model, NASCAR.com correspondent, and race car driver Leilani Munter finished 7th in a late model stock car race run in support of the Craftsman Truck Series. Our view? FHM Magazine was the sponsor. Her experience as a model will make this driver very attractive to a senior series team some day." 

NASCAR Newsbreaker


"Danica Patrick may be stealing the racing headlines these days, but there's another lady racer who could steal the show. Her name is Leilani Münter, and if you're not familiar with her, I predict you will soon." 

Rebecca Gladden, NASCAR Journalist




"Leilani's talk was incredible. That was incredible - really moving." 

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors and SpaceX (Elon gave Leilani a standing ovation at her speech at Teslive in 2013)


"An inspiring presentation." 

Goodlifer (on Leilani's speech for Opportunity Green at UCLA)


"Leilani was speaking to hundreds of women at Tory' Johnson's Spark and Hustle conference last week. She didn't pace, raise her voice or try to be anything other than what she is as she held a tired audience on the edge of their seats and earned a standing ovation. As for me, I was completely captivated and inexplicably on the verge of tears the entire time she was speaking. (The first time in 26 or so speakers.) She has been on my mind all week, so now I have to write it out.

 I've been considering the dynamics of what took place as she owned the stage that day. She is an intensely focused woman on a mission, doing what she is designed to do and keeping her head high as she ignores a large camp of critics. I've concluded that it is the strength of her convictions, her clarity and her excellence in articulating what she is passionate about that made her stunningly effective and memorable. Tory joked about the "Leilani effect" as the response to her challenge to observe a  "Meatless Monday" to conserve energy was immediate. The vegetarian lunch option had been shunned by most until that day when they were snatched up first. And yes, I'm making changes to stop wasting energy through "vampire power" and reduce my carbon footprint. But the real impact for me was not saving the earth, since I've been a "tree-hugger" since before she was born.

I was fascinated by the fact that in a matter of 20 minutes or so, Leilani won the loyalty and avid support of an audience of movers and shakers. Which has caused me to take another look at my own level of clarity. On a scale of 1 to 10, Leilani scored a 10. If given 20 minutes to express your mission, passion and purpose, how would you score?

I love hanging out with people who cause something deep inside of me to rise up, pulling me to step into the next level.  Thanks, Leilani.  And you can bet, I'll "never under-estimate a vegetarian hippie chick with a race car." You are making a difference." 

Beverly Lewis, LifePoint


"We were thrilled to have Leilani give a Keynote presentation at The 25th Annual Energy Fair in Custer, WI. The feedback on Leilani's keynote was fantastic, including a well deserved standing ovation at the end of her inspiring presentation.   Leilani's fantastic message of determination to work for what you believe in was the perfect tone that really connected with The Energy Fair audience. The renewable energy industry, much like racing, is a male centric one and we heard from many women of all ages in the audience that Leilani was an inspiration for them to pursue their dreams no matter what the barriers.  Leilani even took time after her presentation to visit our Clean Transportation Area of The Energy Fair and visit with other electric vehicle enthusiasts.  Leilani and her team were an absolute pleasure to work with throughout the entire process.  Prior to her Keynote at The Energy Fair Leilani made herself available for local press and did a fantastic job of promoting her presentation to her large social media following on Twitter and Facebook.  I would absolutely recommend Leilani to any organization or event looking for an inspiring presentation from a truly amazing woman! " 

Doug Stingle, Midwest Renewable Energy Association


"In the eleven years we've been putting on WorldFest - L.A.'s Compassionate Living Music and Food Festival - Leilani's speech was one of the standout highlights.  This is a woman with a powerful message, the street cred to back it up, and the ability to draw the audience in to listen to her message.  While many in our audience may not have known who she was at the beginning of her speech, as time went on the rounds of applause grew and by the end she had the entire audience cheering her on and fully understanding her ideas for making the world a better place.  As she says - She has a voice and she's going to use it.  I couldn't have been more proud to have her on our main stage and be a voice for WorldFest as she embodies our mission of compassion, environmentalism, and health.  And - she does it as a person with whom most Americans really identify themselves." 

Billy Hulting, Entertainment Director and Co-Producer of Worldfest LA


"Leilani has spoken for my clients several times and gets rave reviews.  Her passion the sport of racing gets people's attention. However, her personal story of perseverance, hard work and creativity inspires the audience. Leilani is as passionate about the environment as she is racing, and she knows her stuff. Her talks are inspirational and educational.  I have seen Leilani talk to senior-most corporate executives and college sports teams, her message touches them all." 

Brian Hackett, Director of The Leadership Network


"Leilani inspired attendees on many different levels beyond just supporting clean energy.  Many have commented how she made them reflect to a more personal level.  Most of them wanted to hear more from her! Thank you to Leilani from the bottom of our hearts for making a difference in our conference and in the world at large." 

Kathleen Fleming, NC Sustainable Energy Association




"Leilani Münter is our pick for the #1 Eco Athlete" 

Discovery's Planet Green


"By defying stereotypes, this eco-activist-slash-racecar-driver is winning over NASCAR fans and conservationists alike."

O, The Oprah Magazine


 "Leilani Münter is a powerhouse of seeming contradictions: a petite 5' nothing surrounded by crowds of muscular, testosterone-filled male racers, she endorses her car with only green environmental campaign partners. She is one of our own generation's Davids, a modern day Goliath killer." 

Louie Psihoyos, Academy Award Winning Director of "The Cove"


"Leilani Münter is the World's First Green Race Car Driver" 

Discovery's Planet Green


"We have our picks of the people, places and ideas that typify the strength and spirit, the goodness, across our nation. Leilani Münter is one of our Best of America. Leilani is America's Best Green Speed Demon." 

Reader's Digest


"Leilani Münter has landed a starring role." 

USA Today


"One of the top ten female race car drivers in the world." 

Sports Illustrated


 "Steve McQueen probably never lost sleep over his carbon footprint. Not so for racecar driver Leilani Münter - a green racecar driver with a clean conscience." 

The New York Times


 "A woman we love. Leilani Münter is our new favorite NASCAR driver." 

Esquire Magazine


 "Leilani is an eco hero." 

Glamour Magazine


 "As green advocates go, Münter is exceptional by every measure." 

Green Right Now, ABC 11 News


 "Leilani Münter is one of the leaders shifting our planet." 

Origin Magazine


 "A lack of funding rather than a lack of skill prevented Münter from making her ARCA debut before this year." 

The New York Times


 "Leilani Münter is one of our favorite green gals." 



"She is doing something extraordinary for our planet."

Material World Singapore


"I love that she's just pushing the envelope - trying to find that line between saying "I love fast cars but I want to also stop our deterioration of the atmosphere." 

Lisa Renstrom, President of the Sierra Club


 "In addition to being one of the top-ranked female race car drivers in the country, Leilani has a passion for environmental activism. She credits this passion to her science background. Leilani’s passion and outreach show that confronting global warming is an issue important to all Americans, including NASCAR fans." 

Larry Schweiger, President of the National Wildlife Federation


"If she's the future, then we have a reason to consider cars in general, and racing in particular, in a more nuanced light. Leilani is a delightfully green paradox and eco hero." 

Green Daily


 "One of Our Top 12 Most Beautiful People in NASCAR." 

Sporting News Magazine


 "Carbon Free Girl Leilani Münter is not your usual NASCAR driver - she is an avid environmentalist." 

US Department of Energy


 "What do you get when you cross a race car driver with a vegetarian and animal rights activist? How about putting that hybrid in the body of a supermodel who happens to have a degree in biology? Leilani Munter, the racecar-driving-super-genius-eco-goddess." 

Coco Eco Magazine


 "One of 2010's Most Influential Women in Green" 

Coco Eco Magazine


 "Leilani Münter is on a mission to change NASCAR's gas-guzzling ways. Münter, a mega-greenie, is very active in the fight for environmental legislation. Plus, she doesn't let her sport off the hook. She has often discussed the need for NASCAR to make the switch to a renewable clean-energy source." 



"Leilani Münter is not afraid of a challenge. In addition to being one of the top-ranked women in motor sports, Leilani has taken a leadership position in promoting green products and behaviors to the auto racing community. Her environmental messaging is edgy and personalized. We like this story, because it pushes the envelope in terms of marketing and outreach. And in a larger sense, it's a parable about green leadership in the mainstream, and the power of a unique and authentic message." 

AltaTerra Research Network


"Leilani Münter Tops Our List As the #1 BadAss Green" 



"Race car drivers are almost always involved in some kind of charity work, and it usually involves causes that are strategically uncontroversial, like disabled children or breast cancer. While it's great that those worthy charities benefit from the motorsports involvement, it's also kind of cool to see drivers who follow specific passions to support something a little more edgy. Leilani Münter, who drives in both the ARCA series and IRL, has never let up on her hardcore commitment to green living and animal protection. But for her, it's not just a matter of writing a check: she recently traveled to Taiji, Japan, the scene of the gruesome annual dolphin slaughter made famous by the Oscar-winning documentary The Cove, to get right up in the hostile, shouting faces of the "fishermen" responsible for the barbarism. Good for her - it's a great cause." 

Car Domain


 "I think what she's doing is a fantastic thing." 

Frank O'Donnell, President of Clean Air Watch


"Armed with a degree in Biology, cover-girl looks and boundless bravado, Leilani Münter delivers an iconoclastic mix of fast cars, environmental fervor and fearless resolve - truly a rebel with a cause." 

Speaker Wiki


 "How does NativeEnergy reach people who are not already converts on the issue of climate change? Anyone who is engaged in any broad effort to speak to the public faces this question: Do I talk only to friendly audiences, or do I face the doubters and the hostiles? If we only address those who already agree with us, nothing changes. And if we work only with people who already believe in what we do, who is going to change the minds of those who don't? Leilani Münter is a proven and committed environmental advocate. That has been demonstrated beyond a doubt. Leilani is also a race car driver, and racing leaves an over sized carbon footprint. So there's a contradiction. And in that contradiction lies and opportunity: To reach some 75 million individuals who are avid racing fans. My guess is that a fair share of them are not troubling themselves about global warming. That is why we decided that it makes perfect sense to support Leilani and her mission. Is car racing "bad?" Are 75 million fans damnable? Surely not. Rather, those 75 million fellow inhabitants of our planet present a rich vein of possibility that we want to explore. And explore we will, following the guidance of Leilani, the carbon free girl." 

Thomas H. Rawls, VP Marketing NativeEnergy


 "Leilani Münter is a woman on a mission." 

Senator Elizabeth Dole


 "I like what she said. She's very genuine. She knows her stuff. She's very tough. It's very tough to be a driver - especially in NASCAR as a woman - that's a good old boys network." 

Michael Austin, host of Blue Planet Almanac


 "Environmentalists are glad to have her on their team." 

UCSD Magazine


 "If she ever makes it into Nextel Cup tickets are going to be very hard to come by." 



 "Leilani Münter is one of the hottest names in racing these days." 

San Diego Union Tribune


"Cover girl Leilani Münter arrived at the track in low slung khaki-colored pants and a tight-fitting tshirt, looking more like a skateboarder than a race car driver. But in the current fashion of Gen X drivers like Dale Earnhardt Jr, with his goatee and bandana, what are drivers suppose to look like?" 

Charlotte Magazine


"Leilani is the inspiring true story of one woman who chose motors over models and self fulfillment over fame." 

The Women's Sports Foundation, founded by Billie Jean King


 "Auto racing is no longer just for the good old boys. Beauty, brains, and ambition is what makes Leilani a marketable race car driver. But to Leilani, what happens on the track is what counts." 

NBC Sports


"The truth is this young woman is the epitome of the American dream." 

Danville Register and Bee


"Leilani's model like looks take a back seat when she gets behind the wheel." 

FOX Sports


 "Eco Warriors: Leilani Münter & Brian Vickers Bring Together Two Worlds at Odd" 

Sporting News Magazine


 "Look out Danica, Leilani Münter is the newest 'it' girl in racing." 

Element of Speed


 "The girl's no model. She's a race car driver. She's just better looking than most." 

American Thunder Magazine


"America's Sexiest Race Car driver." 

Men's Journal Magazine


"The hottest woman in NASCAR." 

FHM Magazine


 "Leilani is powerful, confident, and sexy. She is the epitome of what Trimspa is all about." 

Alex Goen, Founder and CEO of Trimspa