Leilani speaking at REVEL, a benefit for Rainforest Action Network at the California Academy of Arts and Sciences in San Francisco in 2014. Leilani has been a keynote speaker at over 125 events and has spoken at the United Nations in both Geneva, Switzerland and New York City.

Leilani speaking at REVEL, a benefit for Rainforest Action Network at the California Academy of Arts and Sciences in San Francisco in 2014. Leilani has been a keynote speaker at over 125 events and has spoken at the United Nations in both Geneva, Switzerland and New York City.

“Leilani’s speech was incredible. That was incredible - really moving.”

— Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX

“I was completely captivated and inexplicably on the verge of tears the entire time she was speaking.”

— Beverly Lewis, LifePoint

Leilani has been a keynote speaker at over 125 events receiving frequent standing ovations. She speaks about courage, motivation, dedication, diversity, integrity, perseverance and the reward of facing your greatest fears. As a successful woman in a male dominated sport and an environmentalist in motorsports, Leilani has unique insights on why standing up for what you believe in is the greatest reward, and why sometimes it's good to be different in this world.

Leilani shares her transformation from biology graduate to professional race car driver and environmental activist. With humor and touching inspiration, she tells the story of her journey from the short tracks of southern California to the high banks of Daytona and Capitol Hill to fight for environmental legislation. By the end of her speech, you will understand her motto: Never underestimate a vegan hippie chick with a race car.

Leilani has had the honor of speaking at the United Nations in both Geneva, Switzerland and New York City. She has also been a guest at The White House on two occasions. If you are interested in having Leilani speak at your event, please contact us.



"Leilani's talk was incredible. That was incredible - really moving."

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors and SpaceX (Elon gave Leilani a standing ovation at her speech at Teslive in 2013)


"Leilani absolutely rocks. Her content is both engaging and impactful, a rare combination. The C2 audience raved about her, and she ranked at the top of our post-event survey. She is welcome back at C2 anytime."

Nadia Lakhdari, Chief Creative Officer, C2 Montréal


"An inspiring presentation."

Goodlifer (on her speech for Opportunity Green at UCLA)


"Leilani was speaking to hundreds of women at Tory' Johnson's Spark and Hustle conference last week. She didn't pace, raise her voice or try to be anything other than what she is as she held a tired audience on the edge of their seats and earned a standing ovation. As for me, I was completely captivated and inexplicably on the verge of tears the entire time she was speaking. (The first time in 26 or so speakers.) She has been on my mind all week, so now I have to write it out.

 I've been considering the dynamics of what took place as she owned the stage that day. She is an intensely focused woman on a mission, doing what she is designed to do and keeping her head high as she ignores a large camp of critics. I've concluded that it is the strength of her convictions, her clarity and her excellence in articulating what she is passionate about that made her stunningly effective and memorable. Tory joked about the "Leilani effect" as the response to her challenge to observe a  "Meatless Monday" to conserve energy was immediate. The vegetarian lunch option had been shunned by most until that day when they were snatched up first. And yes, I'm making changes to stop wasting energy through "vampire power" and reduce my carbon footprint. But the real impact for me was not saving the earth, since I've been a "tree-hugger" since before she was born.

 I was fascinated by the fact that in a matter of 20 minutes or so, Leilani won the loyalty and avid support of an audience of movers and shakers. Which has caused me to take another look at my own level of clarity. On a scale of 1 to 10, Leilani scored a 10. If given 20 minutes to express your mission, passion and purpose, how would you score?

 I love hanging out with people who cause something deep inside of me to rise up, pulling me to step into the next level.  Thanks, Leilani.  And you can bet, I'll "never under-estimate a vegetarian hippie chick with a race car." You are making a difference."

Beverly Lewis, LifePoint


"We were thrilled to have Leilani give a Keynote presentation at The 25th Annual Energy Fair in Custer, WI. The feedback on Leilani's keynote was fantastic, including a well deserved standing ovation at the end of her inspiring presentation.   Leilani's fantastic message of determination to work for what you believe in was the perfect tone that really connected with The Energy Fair audience. The renewable energy industry, much like racing, is a male centric one and we heard from many women of all ages in the audience that Leilani was an inspiration for them to pursue their dreams no matter what the barriers.  Leilani even took time after her presentation to visit our Clean Transportation Area of The Energy Fair and visit with other electric vehicle enthusiasts.  Leilani and her team were an absolute pleasure to work with throughout the entire process.  Prior to her Keynote at The Energy Fair Leilani made herself available for local press and did a fantastic job of promoting her presentation to her large social media following on Twitter and Facebook.  I would absolutely recommend Leilani to any organization or event looking for an inspiring presentation from a truly amazing woman! "

Doug Stingle, Midwest Renewable Energy Association


"In the eleven years we've been putting on WorldFest - L.A.'s Compassionate Living Music and Food Festival - Leilani's speech was one of the standout highlights.  This is a woman with a powerful message, the street cred to back it up, and the ability to draw the audience in to listen to her message.  While many in our audience may not have known who she was at the beginning of her speech, as time went on the rounds of applause grew and by the end she had the entire audience cheering her on and fully understanding her ideas for making the world a better place.  As she says - She has a voice and she's going to use it.  I couldn't have been more proud to have her on our main stage and be a voice for WorldFest as she embodies our mission of compassion, environmentalism, and health.  And - she does it as a person with whom most Americans really identify themselves."

Billy Hulting, Entertainment Director and Co-Producer of Worldfest LA


"Leilani has spoken for my clients several times and gets rave reviews.  Her passion the sport of racing gets people's attention. However, her personal story of perseverance, hard work and creativity inspires the audience. Leilani is as passionate about the environment as she is racing, and she knows her stuff. Her talks are inspirational and educational.  I have seen Leilani talk to senior-most corporate executives and college sports teams, her message touches them all." 

Brian Hackett, Director of The Leadership Network


"Leilani inspired attendees on many different levels beyond just supporting clean energy.  Many have commented how she made them reflect to a more personal level.  Most of them wanted to hear more from her! Thank you to Leilani from the bottom of our hearts for making a difference in our conference and in the world at large."  

Kathleen Fleming, NC Sustainable Energy Association



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