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TELEVISION HIGHLIGHTS INCLUDE:  Piers Morgan Live, MSNBC Live, Discovery's Planet Green, Discovery Channel,  CBS Morning News, Entertainment Tonight, National Geographic,  Fashion TV, The Weather Channel, ESPN, FOX Sports, NBC Sports, CBS Sports, and Fusion. 

FILM HIGHLIGHTS INCLUDE: Leilani is featured in the 2015 documentary film Racing Extinction from the Academy Award winning team who brought you The Cove. The film reached over 35 million people globally in its first three days on Discovery Channel. The Oceanic Preservation Society spent over 5 years making Racing Extinction and Leilani worked on the film for 3.5 years.




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04.01.2014    Leilani talks Tesla Motors on Stephanie Miller Show

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02.19.2014 Daytona Speedweeks Drives Towards 100% Renewable Energy

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01.21.2014    Leilani Joins The Cove Team on Piers Morgan Live to Talk Dolphin Slaughter

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